Nickel Creek was a modern bluegrass band with some country notoriety. In 2007, the group disbanded, but their music is still unforgettable. Nickel Creek was made up of sister and brother team Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins, and Chris Thile. I mentioned country notoriety because the group received a Grammy nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance for “Ode to a Butterfly” in 2001. In addition, according to Wikipedia, in 2005, they received a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance for their song “Scotch and Chocolate.” And, in 2006, they won CMT Top 10 Country Compilations of 2006 for their album “Reasons Why: The Very Best”. They made five studio albums while together, and their songs, to this day, are still some of my all time favorites. Today, I would like to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Nickel Creek Songs.

  • 5. "Seven Wonders"

    From their "This Side" album from 2002, here is a great song. Sara's voice is amazing in this song. According to Wikipedia, "Alison Krauss acted as a producer for the album."

  • 4. "Ode to a Butterfly"

    If there's one thing I love, it's instrumental bluegrass. And this song is a perfect example of some of the best instrumental bluegrass created. And, it was with this song, "Ode to a Butterfly," that Nickel Creek received a nomination in 2001 for Best Country Instrumental Performance at the Grammy Awards.

  • 3. "Smoothie Song"

    Another one of my favorite bluegrass instrumentals. This song is off of their "This Side" album.

  • 2. "The Lighthouse's Tale"

    This song was a close second for the number one spot. This is the song that made me fall in love with Nickel Creek. This song is just one of those great, sad, love story songs. And, the interesting part about this song is that it's told through the point of view of a lighthouse.

  • 1. "When You Come Back Down"

    And, in at number one, my favorite Nickel Creek song--When You Come Back Down. There are no words that can explain how great this song is. It's just amazing. It was their first single. According to Wikipedia, "The song is a cover of the bluegrass musician Tim O'Brien's original version. The song was written by Danny O'Keefe and Tim O'Brien."

  • Meeting Chris Thile!

    I was fortunate enough to see Nickel Creek in concert in Rochester, and their show was amazing. And, after they broke up, I was able to see Chris Thile at Hamilton College. (The picture below is when I got to meet Chris at Hamilton College.)

    Zach Effrog, Big Frog 104