The second season of 'Nashville' ended with a bang, literally. But the ABC drama left viewers hanging over who died. SPOILER AHEAD:

Was it Peggy, played by Kimberly Paisley, who was shot in the final moments or Will, played by Chris Carmack, who was last seen standing on railroad tracks with a train coming his way.

Paisley may have hinted about her future on the show. Was it just a flesh wound or was the shot at the end of the show, fatal? Her Tweet, thanking the cast and crew makes it sound like her character won't be back for a third season. Plus, the promo for the new season, shows her husband Teddy and his family dressed in mourning black.

Carmack was a little more vague with his Tweets, making viewers believe he'll be back.


  I don't want either character to leave the show. The vindictive Peggy needs to get what's coming to her and Will needs to learn to love himself. Of the two, Paisley's character is more likely to be killed off. Everyone roots for the underdog and Carmack's character still has a lot of story left to tell. Who do you think it is? Vote below. The new season of 'Nashville' starts in January.

  Who do you think died on the season finale? Peggy who was shot or Will who was last seen standing on the railroad tracks with a train barreling his way?

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