The drama is heating up for the second season of the ABC drama, 'Nashville.' Chris Carmack plays Will Lexington, an aspiring country gay country singer on the show, and is loving every minute of it.

Carmack says he gets inspiration from Blake Shelton and Chely Wright. 'I've been taking my inspiration from a lot of different people. I've been watching Blake Shelton and Easton Corbin. You probably know Will has his inner turmoil and is in the closet, and I read Chely Wright's biography. I've been taking some inspiration from her story as well.'

Will Will come out of the closet this season? 'Don't you want him to?' Carmack says. 'You just want to say 'Will, we love you. Love yourself.' But how great is it to play a character everybody's rooting for. I hope we get to draw it out for awhile, because I get to play some really great stuff.'

Carmack will get to show off his musical talent too when he performs a new song about giving it all you got for the one you love.  Ironically, not something his character Will is willing to do, just yet. 'One of my favorite songs I've done for the show 'What If I Was Willing,' comes out on iTunes October 8th and it'll air on the October 9th episode. It's a great tune.'

'What If I Was Willing'

Before 'Nashville;' the show and the city, Carmack dabbled in a bit of everything. From modeling and Broadway to movies and television. He's best known for playing Luke in the first seasons of the 'O.C.'  'I've been in L.A. for 12 years and it's a great city, but I did need a break.  Nashville is really refreshing break. It's full of music and life and food and fun. I couldn't be happier spending some time here.'

I hope Carmack gets to spend a lot more time in Nashville. I enjoy watching his character Will on the show and look forward to more juicy drama.

Nashville airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store this season.

Listen to Chris Carmack talking about Nashville, the show and the city,  his character Will Lexington and what we can expect for season 2.

Chris Carmack Interview

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