'Nashville' is back with a bang. The second season of the ABC drama returns September 25th. When we were last in music city, Rayna confessed to Deacon that Maddie was his daughter before getting into a terrible crash.  Juliette was dealing with her mother's death while winning CMA female vocalist. Gunner asked Scarlett to marry him and Teddy learned his mistress Peggy was pregnant.


Season two begins with Rayna, played by Connie Briton, in a coma following the car crash. Charles Esten's character Deacon Claybourne, seems to have come out of the crash with only cuts and bruises and asks the question 'Is she gonna die?'


Hayden Panettiere who plays Juliette Barnes, returns to her usual catty self, worrying about how the crash will affect her career. 'Now I have to compete with a saint in a coma.'

Kimberly Paisley returns as Peggy Kenter and she's got revenge on her mind. I wonder if her husband Brad Paisley worries about her mean side.  I also wonder if Brad will make another guest appearance in season two.

It sounds like the show about music city is just starting to heat up and I'm so looking forward to season two.

Get caught up with season one in the final moments, which were the most intense of any show I've seen in some time.

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