Driving around central New York these days, you probably will see a number of pumpkins sitting on the porch or lawn of area homes. And in a few days, we'll be carving jack-o-lanterns. So, other than Halloween and a pumpkin pie, what can we do with all these ripe pumpkins?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images News

Apparently, there are a number of pumpkin recipes that you may consider - everything from pumpkin soups and stews to pumpkin fritters, pumpkin turkey chili and spinach-stuffed pumpkins (Popeye would love that one). And of course, there are dozens of pumpkin beers out there, like Saranac Pumpkin Ale.

If you'd like to cook "outside the box" this autumn, go to allrecipes.com for some delicious pumpkin recipe ideas.