Don’t Miss Pumpkin Smash at The Utica Zoo!
What goes perfect with pumpkins left over from Halloween? Animals smashing them at the Utica Zoo? They are holding a Pumpkin Smash, but instead of using a hammer or throwing them on the ground, they will be given to animals to do it! It's pretty cool seeing a lion or even a monkey destroyi…
The Best Places To Get Pumpkins In Central New York
Fall is one of the best seasons. The temperatures are usually pretty mild, the trees change into beautiful shades of red, gold, and orange, apples are nice and crisp, and pumpkins are ready for carving! Having said that, it's important to know where you can get the best pumpkins right here in C…
What To Do With That Pumpkin
Driving around central New York these days, you probably will see a number of pumpkins sitting on the porch or lawn of area homes. And in a few days, we'll be carving jack-o-lanterns. So, other than Halloween and a pumpkin pie, what can we do with all these ripe pumpkins?
Man Carves Pumpkin With Handgun [VIDEO]
We all know how long it takes to carve that Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. First you cut off the top, empty out the insides and then painstakingly carve the face. A Tennessee man who goes by the handle "Hickok 45" has devised a unique shortcut. Check it out.
10 Ways to Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween
The best part about Halloween is the pumpkin. On a nice fall day you head on over to the local pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect specimen. Then you and your friends or family get together to carve your masterpiece and cook some delicious pumpkin seeds.
Choosing the perfect method to carve your p…
Carving That Jack-O-Lantern
The "Frog Days of Fall" are rapidly moving toward Halloween, and now it's time to get serious about those pumpkins. Last week, I shared a video with you about how to select the best pumpkin, so now we start carving that Jack-O-Lantern.
How To Pick A Perfect Pumpkin.
It won't be long now until we're carving those Jack-O-Lanterns. But first, you have to pick out a pumpkin. During the "Frog Days of Fall", there are a number of local farms that have hayrides that let you pick your own pumpkin. Or, you may prefer to just go pick one out, …