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We have all heard about love at first sight. But what is it about that "first sight" that piques our interest? It seems men and women differ when it comes to what we first notice about the opposite sex.

The Daily Mail reported the results of a recent survey done by UK Murine and found that the eyes have it.

1. Eyes
2. Smiles
3. Boobs
4. Hair
5. Weight
6. Legs
7. Dress sense
8. Butt
9. Height
10. Skin

1. Eyes
2. Smiles
3. Height
4. Hair
5. Dress Sense
6. Weight
7. Skin
8. Face Shape
9. Butt
10. Nose
via Men notice a woman's eyes, smile and then breasts according to research by Murine | Mail Online.

While appearances can get you in the door it's what's inside that will keep you at the dance, if you know what I mean.


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