male and female differences

Myths About Men
Women who think they know it all about men are in for a surprise. Just as men seem, at times, clueless about women so are the gals when it comes to knowing their guys. How so?
Car Maintenance Men and Women Know How To Do
As a general rule car maintenance is thought to be one of a man's household responsibilities. But how much do men really know about cars? And how about women, how much car maintenance are they capable of doing? A new survey answers those questions.
Men Still Expected To Pay For Dating Expenses
The women's movement has made great strides in promoting gender equality but when it comes to dating it's still the guy who is expected to pick up the expenses, even after dating for a while. A new study issued by Chapman College found that while 57% of women offered to help pay, 84% of men and 58% …
Men Have Trouble With Appliances, Women With Gadgets
A new study found that men admitted to having problems figuring out such everyday household items as dishwasher, vacuums and food mixers while women fessed up to difficulty understanding gadgets like video games and MP3 players. These were, by far, not the only appliances and tech products that crea…