As a general rule car maintenance is thought to be one of a man's household responsibilities. But how much do men really know about cars? And how about women, how much car maintenance are they capable of doing? A new survey answers those questions.

YouGuv asked around and came up with these results.

What Car Maintenance Things Men Know How To Do
Change a wheel: 78%
Check oil level: 91%
Check tire pressure: 91%
Check tire tread depths: 83%
Check coolant level: 85%
None of these: 4%
What Car Maintenance Things Women Know How To Do
Change a wheel: 34%
Check oil level: 76%
Check tire pressure: 67%
Check tire tread depths: 54%
Check coolant level: 59%
None of these: 17%


I must admit that while I do most of the basic car maintenance on our cars my wife is, generally, much handier than I am around the house.






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