What a difference 15 years makes.  Polly Wogg had hair, there was a lot less gray in my beard and Kenny Chesney wore pleaded pants rather than flip flops and cut offs.  This photo was taken in Lima, OH around 1999, so technically I guess, it was 14 years ago.

Tad Pole

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Kenny backstage before his Albany show last night (3/21/13). He was as amazed as we were, at the look back in time, and by the way, the first to notice his pleaded pants and somewhat perturbed look.  Hey, average his "beady" eyes with my "goggle eyed" look and that makes us both normal.  However, nothing can fix that "round mound of sound" in yellow.

While I swear the years have slowed me down, Kenny still has the energy of a teenager. He rocked the Times Union Center for 2 hours playing the hits he's compiled from 12 albums and 40, top 40 hits. I'd share some photos from the show, but as I told Polly Wogg, "trying to capature him on camera is like trying to catch a waterbug."  She however,did manage to catch some great shots of the show, guess that reinforces that slowed down theory.