WOW! What a show Kenny Chesney put on in Albany.  His 'No Shoes Nation,' or as my record rep re-named it, 'SNOW Shoes Nation' tour made a stop at the Times Union Center.  It was the first arena show for Kenny in years. 

Before the show, we were taken into the 'radio room,' where it was just 7 of us and Kenny.  He stood around and talked forever, it seemed like.  He discussed everything from the New York weather, which was a shock after coming from Tampa, to his early days trying to make it as an artist and his loyal fans.  Kenny understands it's the fans who have catapulted him from playing in Lima Ohio, where we last saw him over 10 years ago, to the success he has today.  Just look at the number of tractor trailers and buses it takes to put on such a large production.

Boy did Kenny put on a show for his fans.  Check out a video montage of his hits and a gallery of pictures.  It was hard to get a good shot of him because he wouldn't stand still long enough.  Kenny was all over the stage, performing for everyone in the crowd, even the cheap seats.  Luckily, we were spoiled and got to watch the show from the 'sand bar' right next to the stage. If all that wasn't enough, I was even treated to an impromptu 'Old Blue Chair,' my favorite Kenny song.

Don't worry if you missed the show.  Kenny is coming back.  He'll be at CMAC in Canandaigua in August. Plus he's getting ready to release another new album 'Life on a Rock' April 30th.