Tonight's the night.  Trailer Choir's Vinny Hickerson vies for The Biggest Loser at home prize of $100,000.  Vinny was sent home last week, one week shy of the finals, but says he's 'already conquered everything' he set out to do.  That doesn't mean he isn't 'coming after' the at home prize, which is awarded to the eliminated contestant who loses the greatest percentage of weight.   And judging by a picture on his Facebook page, he has a great chance.  Look at those guns!

Vinny weighed in at 286 pounds last week, losing 140 since the show began.  And he's looking great.  In addition to all the weight he's lost, he's gained a fiance.  Vinny popped the question last week on the Grand Ole Opry stage.  And she said yes.

Vinny's transformation, inside and out, inspired him to write a beautiful new song with his Trailer Choir bandmate Butter, called 'Love Me First.'  Butter says ‘the lyrics to the song reflect a common theme we all face—the daily struggle to find and fight for love and happiness, and the realization that we meet that only when we love ourselves first.'  And now that Vinny has discovered how to do that, in addition to getting healthier phyically, hopefully he and his new finace Lori can live a long and happy life together.  Word is, she's planning a 10/11/12 wedding.

Vinny may have had a slow start on The Biggest Loser but has come on strong the last month.  And it's been said, it's not how you start, but how you finish.  Hopefully he'll finish with $100,000 in his pocket.  Tune in to NBC tonight at 9 for the Biggest Loser finale to see if Vinny can take home the cash.  It could come in handy with a wedding to plan.