Trailer Choir's year didn't start off with a bang. They lost their record deal, went from a trio to a duo when Crystal left and Big Vinny landed in the hospital, forcing the group to cancel their appearance at FrogFest this past year. But things are looking up.

Afer being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Vinny knew he had to make a change.  So he went on NBC's 'The Biggest Loser,' and after 6 weeks, he's still there. There's just a lot less of him. He's gone from 426 pounds to 367. And watching him on the show, its easy to see he's learning about so much more than just losing weight.

Even though the show is still on, Vinny got to go home for a couple of weeks. He and Butter wrote a song about Vinny's time on the show called 'Love Me First.' Butter says 'the lyrics to the song also reflect a common theme we all face—the daily struggle to find and fight for love and happiness, and the realization that we meet that only when we love ourselves first.

At the CMA Awards Butter represented Trailer Choir solo as Vinny continued to fight on the Biggest Loser.  He said when Vinny came home, the first thing he noticed was Vinny now had a butt.

Tune in to NBC's Tuesday nights at 8 to see Vinny's progress and listen to their new song 'Love Me First.'