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EXCLUSIVE: Trailer Choir’s Big Vinny Is Single [VIDEO]
Trailer Choir's Big Vinny has a new lease on life since losing almost 250 pounds on The Biggest Loser, but the changes are coming with a price. He and his significant other Lori Diaz have gone their separate ways. We sat down with Vinny for an exclusive interview to discuss the split and what t…
Trailer Choir Returns To FrogFest To Debut New Music
Who's ready to 'Rock the Beer Gut?'  Trailer Choir returns to the Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo stage with Whites Farm Supply. Vinny and Butter are pumped about it. 'We're so excited. One of the best memories we've ever had twice. We love coming up there and h…
Video of Big Vinny’s Wedding
Want to go behind the scene of Big Vinny Hickerson's wedding? Now is your chance.  Watch Vinny and Lori's special day, including the vows they exchanged, the song he wrote for Lori while on The Biggest Loser and the moment when he gets to 'kiss his bride.'
Biggest Loser’s Big Vinny Pulls Plane For Charity
How did you spend your weekend?  Big Vinny, a former Biggest Loser contestant and former Trailer Choir member, spent his pulling plane. He teamed up with 9 other people to pull a 18,000 pound plane for charity.  They came in second place, losing by just one second.

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