Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill owes over $10 million after a judge sided with Destiny USA in a lawsuit.

The mall sued Toby's for rent and expenses after the bar closed unexpectedly in the middle of the night last May.

Toby's claimed the mall violated lease terms, which ran through 2023, by allowing another venue that offered music.

Margaritaville opened in February of 2014 right across the hall from Toby's bar.

A judge ruled in favor of the mall after the lawsuit was ignored, according to "Toby Keith's stopped fighting the lawsuit in June."

The lease terms weren't the only problems for Toby Keith's. Employees had checks bounce just before Toby's closed and a tax warrant was placed on the restaurant for failing to pay over a quarter of million dollars in taxes.

Toby's isn't the only store having problems at the mall. OptiGolf also closed after failing to pay taxes and Destiny USA is suing iHop for failing to pay rent.

Cowboy Saloon will move into the space left vacant by Toby Keith's. It's expected to be open early this year.

The bar may have Toby Keith's name but Toby isn't involved in the lawsuit.

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