The news just keeps getting weirder with Toby Keith's closing at Destiny USA. It appears that employee paychecks were purposely bounced before the restaurant closed. 

Our friends at are reporting that in the months leading up to its shutdown, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill at Destiny USA bounced multiple employee paychecks.

But for several months prior to the closure, dozens of employees had problems with their checks, said Cady Johnson of Central Square, who worked at Toby Keith's as lead bartender and bar supervisor.

Johnson said she personally had checks bounce about a half a dozen times. Managers, wait staff, kitchen workers and security personnel all had problems, she said."

John Thomas, vice president of operations with the Toby Keith's chain, said the Destiny location did bounce some checks because of a "bank change and accounting errors". goes on to write that all employees were ultimately paid.