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Leonard Nimoy 82 Years Old Today
As you probably know by now, I'm a "Trekker", big time. And today Leonard Nimoy, a.k.a "Spock" of "Star Trek" fame is 82 years old. Just last Friday, William Shatner turned 82, and if you know their background, both played characters who wer…
Happy 82nd Birthday William Shatner [VIDEO]
It's hard to believe, but William Shatner is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. Just about everywhere you look, there's William Shatner, best remembered as Captain James T. Kirk of "Star Trek", Denny Crane on "Boston Legal", and the starring role of th…
William Shatner On Deep-Fried Turkey Safety
If it seems like William Shatner is everywhere...he is! And going strong at 81 years old. Now, Shatner has an entertaining video for those of you who are thinking of deep frying your turkey. From what I'm told, deep-fried turkey is delicious, and leave it to Bill Shatner to be out front on deep…
William Shatner Salutes Trek Captains
Just when you thought that you've seen William Shatner on TV in every possible show...from Star Trek to sitcoms (and of course Priceline commercials), here he comes with a new documentary. I have to admit, the McSheas are big William Shatner fans, and he never disappoints.
Shatner’s Show To Go
Just when I was starting to like the William Shatner sitcom, it gets the ax.  And now, NBC (who is dropping my favorite show "The Event') is releasing its fall 2011 TV schedule.