Just when you thought that you've seen William Shatner on TV in every possible show...from Star Trek to sitcoms (and of course Priceline commercials), here he comes with a new documentary. I have to admit, the McSheas are big William Shatner fans, and he never disappoints.

Now, he has a novel idea for a documentary. As a former Star Trek captain himself (James Tiberius Kirk), Shatner has a show where he interviews all of the captains from the various Star Trek spinoff TV series. The show is called: "The Captains" and has already aired during the Frog Days of Summer on one of the obscure TV networks that nobody gets. However, after seeing Shatner in person, I know the guy loves an audience and will find a way to air it again on one of the more common cable channels.

Here's a look at one interview with another captain, Patrick Stewart.