what are you drinking

Who Drinks The Most Coffee On The Job?
At Big Frog 104, the coffee is always flowing. We radio people seem to consume coffee by the vat! A new study has ranked the top 10 professions who drink the most java. And if coffee, lattes, or cappuccino start your day, make sure you enter our "What Are You Drinkin'?" contest by clicking…
When Does Your Day Start?
Not everyone's workday starts in the am.  For instance my day doesn't really start until 3 in the afternoon.  So while most are looking for lunch, I'm trying to find the bacon and eggs.  You'll find me at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru at about 2 looking to catch that caffeine buzz.  When does your d…
What Are We Drinking?
You've heard about the "What Are You Drinkin'" contest on Big Frog 104 with Matt & Polly Wogg, but now there's new research about what we are drinking. We all have our favorite beverages, and with summer on the way, we'll be drinking more of them.