How To Properly Eat Chicken Wings
Odds are you'll be attending a gathering at someone's house this weekend for the Super Bowl.  Even better odds, that chicken wings will be served at this aformentioned gathering.  Here's a tried and true tip from a chef on how to eat one properly.
Super Bowl Sunday Should Be on Saturday
It's the day football fans wait all year for.  Super Bowl Sunday!  It's been a long standing tradition for me to take Monday off every year after the big game.  Who can stay up to watch the final game of the NFL season and get up at 3:30 the next morning?  No one!  Most people can't even get up to w…
VW Super Bowl Ad
Volkswagen is using the dark force for it's Super Bowl Ad.  Get a sneek peek before the big game.

The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials Ever [VIDEOS]
This year, a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl will cost three million dollars. At that price, any company hawking its product during the big game better hope its ad makes a big impression.
We’ve compiled a list of 10 Super Bowl commercials that went over like a flawlessly executed touchdown…