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Body Cam Captures Utah Baby Rescue from Submerged Car [Video]
It was back on March 7th that a fisherman spotted a submerged vehicle in a river near Salt Lake City, Utah. In the car was Lynn Groesbeck, who was deceased, and her 18-month-old daughter who was amazingly still alive. Recently a video from a body cam on a first responder was released and it captured…
Teen Stops His Car To Help Old Man Shovel [VIDEO]
A Nottoway High School senior was driving with his mother when he noticed an elderly man with a walker shoveling. He made his mother stop the car so that he could assist the old man. It's not every day you see people going out of their way to help someone else.
Super Cop Chases Down Suspect On Foot Then Tackles Him [VIDEO]
One of the craziest things one will ever see is a high speed police chase. These chases usually end in one of two ways, the suspect gets caught, and the suspect gets caught. Many good police chases are caught on tape via a news helicopter. What was caught on this chase video will have you laughing!
Plane Nearly Lands On Man Lying On Beach [WATCH]
Who in their right mind would put an airplane runway right near a beach? Apparently someone in Northern Germany. A man who was sunbathing on that same beach, was nearly killed when a plane that was coming in for a landing almost came up short of the strip. The man escaped with no injuries, but a fen…
Teacher Bullies Kindergarten Student [WATCH]
One of the biggest problems plaguing our country currently is bullying. A school is a place where children should feel safe. Parents should know that the people hired to protect and watch over their children are doing a good job. One teacher in Ohio did the unthinkable when she bullied her own stude…

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