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Jenna Hinman’s Family Closes Facebook Page
Jenna Hinman's tragic story touched thousands of lives around the world. Her courageous cancer battle and birth of her adorable twin daughters was shared through Facebook, where friends, family and strangers prayed and showed their support. Following her death, Jenna's Facebook page changed to Twice…
Family Celebrates Jenna Hinman’s 27th Birthday
Today would have been Jenna Hinman's 27th birthday. Rather than mourning her death, her family celebrated her life.
'She was a loving and brave mother of twin girls, for whom she gave her very life. She was the beacon of hope that united hundreds of thousands of people around the world in p…
Prayers For Jenna Gets New Name
Prayers For Jenna has a new name. After Jenna Hinman's family asked her Facebook supporters for suggestions, the overwhelming response was for Jenna's Legacy. Since Jenna left behind two legacies with her twin girls Azlynn and Kinleigh, the page name has been changed to Twice Blessed: Jenn…
Jenna Hinman Honored During Her Favorite Holiday
As most celebrated the Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, Jenna Hinman's family mourned her loss, especially on her favorite holiday. Jenna not only cared for wounded soldiers, she held a special place in her heart for vet's and active duty soldiers an Each Memorial Day, Jenna c…
Jenna Hinman’s Obituary
Jenna Hinman was only 26 when she passed away, after a two month battle with cancer. Her family was by her bedside when she died at Syracuse hospital Monday. Jenna made the ultimate sacrifice, giving her own life to save those of her twins, Azlynn and Kinleigh.
Funeral Set For Jenna Hinman
The funeral will be private for Jenna Hinman, who passed away Monday after a two month cancer battle. Calling hours however, will be open to the public on Friday, 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Pettigrass Funeral Home on Genesee St. in Auburn.

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