As family and friends mourn the loss of Jenna Hinman, who passed away yesterday, her family is thanking the thousand who've followed her journey on Prayers For Jenna's Facebook page.

'Jenna sacrificed herself to save her two children. She fulfilled her role as a mother in a way almost no one else could have. Just as her husband has chosen to lay down his life and protect the ones he loves, Jenna has as well. Jenna made the ultimate sacrifice, and in doing so her children are blessed, not just with the love of God, but by the true undying and absolute love of their wonderful mother who died to protect them.'

Jenna died at the age of 26, leaving behind a husband and two twin girls Azlynn and Kinleigh, who will hopefully grow up to see the love and support their mother received, from around the world, from those touched by her incredible story.