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Toys R Us Pulling Breaking Bad Toys
Toys R Us has caved to public pressure to stop selling 'Breaking Bad' action figures. They were pulled after a Florida mom's petition saw more than 9000 signatures.
Brian Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Alternate Ending [VIDEO]
Was 'Breaking Bad' just a bad dream?  Bryan Cranston is back in an 'alternate ending' that is expected to turn up in the upcoming DVD package. The video reveals the whole 'Breaking Bad' saga was just a nightmare dreamed up by Cranston's 'Malcolm in the Mi…
The Most Watched TV Finales Of All Time [VIDEO]
The series finale of "Breaking Bad" on AMC was the talk of the TV world this week but just how many people were watching. The final numbers sat 10.3 million viewers, a record for the cult favorite show. But that number doesn't even come close to those generated by a host of ot…