The series finale of "Breaking Bad" on AMC was the talk of the TV world this week but just how many people were watching. The final numbers sat 10.3 million viewers, a record for the cult favorite show. But that number doesn't even come close to those generated by a host of other TV series finale's. Here are the most watched TV finales of all time.

Mental Floss crunched the numbers.

-- M*A*S*H, 1983. 105.9 million viewers watched the Alan Alda-directed "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" episode of M*A*S*H.
--Cheers, 1993, 80.4 million viewers. "One for the Road" featured the Return of Diane.
--Seinfeld, 1998, 76.3 million viewers. And at least half of those viewers were sorely disappointed with what they saw. One critic deemed it a big "So long, suckers!" farewell to the audience who had made the show about nothing such a big hit.
--Friends, 2004, 52.5 million viewers. What would happen with Rachel and Ross? Monica and Chandler? Phoebe and Smelly Cat? No shockers here: everyone lived happily ever after.
--Magnum, P.I., 1988. Is Higgins really Robin Masters? What really happened to Lily? Will Rick get married? At least 50.7 million other people wanted to know the answers to those questions too.

The series finale of "MASH" was a 2-hour episode that is remembered as one of TV's most poignant moments.

You might find one of your favorite shows finales on the complete list.


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