Plane Nearly Lands On Man Lying On Beach [WATCH]
Who in their right mind would put an airplane runway right near a beach? Apparently someone in Northern Germany. A man who was sunbathing on that same beach, was nearly killed when a plane that was coming in for a landing almost came up short of the strip. The man escaped with no injuries, but a fen…
The Best Airline Safety Videos [VIDEOS]
Whenever you travel by plane you know you are going to have to sit through one of those dull--yet very important--flight safety video presentations . Some airlines have taken the step of producing clever, attention grabbing (they hope) videos to help pass along the information. Virgin America has a …
Delta May Have New Cure For Jet Lag [VIDEO]
If you've done any cross-country or international air travel, landing in different time zones can wreak havoc with your sleep cycle. Now, Delta Airlines has a new "Photon Shower" that it claims can help cure jet leg.
Naked Gun Actor Dies
Leslie Nielsen, who starred in Airplane and the Naked Gun movies has passed away.  He died yesterday of complications of pneumonia at age 84.  He'd been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and had his family at his side when he passed.
He's a fellow Canadian who lived in Saskatchewan until his 20's.  …