Swedish multi-millionaire Anders Wiklof was driving a little too fast. Wilkof, a business man in his native Sweden, was pulled over in neighboring Finland for driving 48 in a 30 MPH zone. He expected a ticket and a fine but was shocked to find out how much it would cost him.

The New York Daily News reports that Wiklof was fined a jaw-dropping amount.

A Swedish multimillionaire has been fined $130,000 for speeding — because he is so rich.  Had he been caught in Sweden, he would have faced a $615 penalty. But fines in Finland are issued based on the driver's wealth - and with Wiklof having so much cash, he was hit with the much heftier fee.
via Swedish multimillionaire slapped with $130,000 speeding ticket — because he’s rich   - NY Daily News.

So next time you visit Finland keep it in mind. It may not cost you $130000 but it could wipe out your remaining travelers checks.
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