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WTF Will Hit Earth on Friday the 13th This November
Throughout history, NASA and other organizations have left junk behind in space. This junk could consist of silverware and actual trash to whole pieces of old rockets. Now, that release of space junk is coming back to haunt us. Ironically it will haunt us on Friday the 13th!
When Will Smoking Be Banned in Vehicles? [Video + Poll]
Things are becoming tougher and tougher for smokers not only in this country, but around the world. Understandably, many groups against tobacco and tobacco use are doing all they can to limit the freedoms of people who smoke. One of the recent issues that has been raised is smoking in vehicles, espe…
Avoid Being Scammed When Making Donations Following A Disaster
The devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal brought widespread death and destruction.  Unfortunately it also brings out the unscrupulous people who will be taking advantage of those that want to help.  The Better Business Bureau offers some tips on making sure your donation reach the…

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