It never fails when you're running late for work, you can't catch any of the lights on the arterial or Genesee Street or there's a backup on the Thruway.  You end up trying to make up for lost time, when you blow past the unmarked car at a high speed.  The folks at "Beat the Traffic" offer some tips on avoiding that ticket.

1.  Try staying with the flow of other traffic, don't be the lead dog driving faster than everyone else.

2.  Don't stay in the left lane it only draws attention to your vehicle.

3.  Don't change lanes often and drive aggressively.

4.  Think about getting a radar detector. (if legal)

Beat the traffic offers an app that may help with avoiding speeding tickets too.  It promises to display the latest in traffic jams from construction to accidents.  Check it out here.  Of course you could always try driving the speed limit, but hey, Dale Jr and Tony Stewart have nothing on me!