Todd Herzog has gone from being on top of the world after winning 'Survivor China' in 2007 to hitting rock bottom.  He's an alcoholic, who's near death and went on Dr Phil to get some much needed help.

Herzog has blown through the million dollars he won on Survivor and his family says they've often found him passed out, soaked in his own urine.  He's seen crawling on the floor and even needs help walking on to the set.  When asked how much he'd had to drink before the interview, he slurred 'a bottle of vodka.' Dr Phil told Todd 'I've never talk to a guest who's closer to death than this one.'

His family says Todd drinks up to 3 bottles of vodka a day and has been to the E.R. several times with blood alcohol levels as high as .582, a level doctors say most die from.  Todd has been in rehab but went right back to drinking once he got out.  He suffers from seizures and doctors told the family he's is 'weeks away, if not days from dying.'

Dr Phil makes Todd agree to go straight from the show to a 90 day treatment facility to get the help he so desperately needs.

Michael Skupin, who was also a contestant on two season's of Survivor, posted the video promo on his Facebook page. He's also posted a message from Todd, who's getting treatment.

You can send an encouraging message to Todd at He can use all the support he can get right now.

I'm a huge fan of Survivor and have seen every episode. I was shocked to see a former Survivor winner, not be able to survive life.  We all fall down. It's how we get back up that counts. Lets hope he can come back stronger than ever, before it's too late.