We knew Ethan Harris auditioned for the new judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr on American Idol, but we didn't know how that audition went.  A new spoiler site has details on Ethan's fate.

According to American Idol Net, Harris received a golden ticket after performing 'You'll Think of Me' and moved onto Hollywood. The Idol Pad, has Ethan into round 4. but his status is unknown.  The only leaks who've made the Top 30 are David Oliver Willis and Keri Lynn Roche, both from season 12.

The Idol hopefuls arrived in Los Angeles December 14th and 15th for filming and the judges narrowed them down to the Top 15 boys and the Top 15 girls to make the Top 30 instead of the Top 40 this season.

The new season of American Idol begins January 15th on Fox.

Ethan has come a long way since performing the National Anthem at FrogFest in 2012.

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