Did Ethan Harris make the 'American Idol' Top 30?  The judges started making final cuts but we won't know Ethan's fate until tonight. We did find out Dexter Roberts will represent country, making the top 15 boys. We heard the other country boys, CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher sing against each other, but the show ended before we heard which will move on.

Dexter Roberts

Farm boy Dexter Roberts was stunned to learn he'd made the Top 30.  His performance of 'Farmers Grandson' had judge Keith Urban calling him the 'real deal.' Maybe Dexter can get Keith to play his guitar more.

Dexter Roberts 'Farmers Grandson'

CJ Harris & Casey Thrasher

CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher both sing country and live 45 minutes from each other.  So it made sense the two were sent to their final judgement together. Both were asked to sing, on the spot, but the show ended before we found out who moved on. You can find out in our spoiler alert if you don't want to wait until tonight.

CJ Harris & Casey Thrasher

Randy Jackson was in the house for a surprise appearance to lighten the mood on the tense final day. Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban took the stage to sing for Randy's vote.  The Dawg will return to mentor the contestants this season.

Randy Jackson Returns

Alex Preston

Alex Preston's unique sound made him doubt his chances of making the Top 30, but that's what the judges are looking for. His original 'Fairytales' had him moving on.

Alex Preston 'Fairytales'

Malaya Watson

Malaya Watson continues to impress with her voice that is hard to believe comes from a 16 year old. Although she got off to a rocky start on her final day, she started again and blew everyone away with 'I Believe.' I believe Malaya will be around for awhile.

Malaya Watson 'I Believe'

Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf followed the original song trend singing 'Try,' a song he wrote about how he was feeling after his mother left. It moved the judges and I'm sure the Idol viewers, moving him into the Top 30 and making him one to watch.

Sam Woolf 'Try'

Spencer Lloyd

Spencer Lloyd also tried an original song but it didn't go as well. Luckily his previous auditions and good looks saved him and had the judges choosing him to move on as well.

Spencer Llyod 'Ordinary Girl'

Jillian Jensen

Jillian Jensen may look familiar.  She was on the X-Factor, but was cut just before the live shows.  Her original song 'In Your Arms' moved her into the Top 30. X-Factor's loss is Idol's gain.  I guess we now know why X-Factor was cancelled.

Jillian Jensen 'In Your Arms'

Emmanuel Zidor

Emmaneul Zidor had the best reaction of the night.  He broke down in tears even before learning his fate.  The flood gates really opened when he was told he was through.

Emmanuel Zidor 'I'm Going Down'

The final Top 30 will be announced tonight as Idol returns to Fox at 8. Tune in to see what happens with Ethan Harris.

You watch more Idol auditions from the solo rounds on YouTube.


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