At Big Frog 104, we always share blood drive event information with you and hope you can roll up your sleeve and help. There's a special blood drive going on this afternoon in Utica.

Here are details from our sister station, WIBX:

The Utica Fire Department is holding a special blood drive this afternoon in honor of a blood recipient survivor. Department Administrator, Joseph Roy, says it’s the second annual blood drive for Barb Clark. “Assistant Fire Chief, George Clark is Barb’s husband and last year Barb had a medical emergency … Doctors had to hang over 12 units of blood to safe her life. This blood drive is in honor of her heroic recovery,” Roy said.

You can stop by the Fire Academy on 1420 Bleecker Street in Utica from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., and donate. No appointment is needed. Roy says your donation could help someone just like Barb, survive a medical emergency."

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