'The X-Factor' returned to Fox after being bumped Wednesday night for the rain delayed baseball game.  Each group of 8 contestants went to the judges homes.  Skyelor Anderson, who is being mentored by LA Reid has set big goals for himself.  The 16 year old wants to be the 'youngest black country singer.'  Skyelor feels most people think he's a R&B singer when they look at him, but he says 'country music talks about my life, tells a life story.'  And he's been through a lot in life.  He watched his dad die from cancer and lost his brother, who was shot in a robbery.  Skyelor says when he listens to country music, 'he can relate to it.'   He sang 'Nobody Knows' for his audition.  Let's hope its enough to stick around.  Watch his performance.


Caitlyn Koch of Buffalo has been playing rugby for the past several years but she's hanging up her cleats for a singing career.  She's being mentored by Simon Cowell and travelled to his home in Paris for the audition.  Caitlyn made an impression on Cowell with her own spin on 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.'


Simon seems to have a pretty stacked team.  Drew Ryniewicz may only be 14 years old, but the little girl from Chino Valley, Arizona has an unusual voice that is making her stand out.  She's soaking in the sights of Paris, since she's from such a small town.  Since I use to live in Flagstaff AZ, I can attest to the small town part.  Chino Valley is smaller than Utica.  It's always nice to see small town talent, make it big.  Drew did her own take on 'Must Have Been Love.'


The biggest voice this season comes from Stacey Francis who is on Nicole Scherzinger's over 30 team.  Stacey is a struggling mom of two kids who thought her time in the spotlight was over.  She killed Prince's 'Purple Rain,' but may have gone a little over the top, which Stacey seems to do.  I'm sure she'll move on, but Nicole has her mentoring work cut out for her.

'The X-Factor' returns Sunday night at 8 on Fox.  The remaining 4 contestants on each team will audition and each judge will make the final cuts.  The teams of 8 will be cut to teams of 4 before heading to the live shows where the audience gets to vote.

Are you watching?  Who is your favorite?