It seems Chris Young's recent illness was much more serious than we knew, even life threatening at some points.  Chris is back home and doctors have released him for the road starting with Brad Paisley's tour stop August 22.   Click to read the scary details.

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As the story began last week, Chris was on a flight to Montana for a show when he became ill.  Upon arrival at the airport, he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with a leg infection.  All seems a little overblown for a leg infection, doesn't it?

According to, Chris had gone into septic shock, a very scary, life threatening condition that is caused by infection.  And can lead to death as vital organs begin acting erratic.

Young was affected by a bacterial infection as a result of a small cut on his leg. The singer-songwriter was traveling to a Montana tour date on Tuesday, Aug. 13 when he went into septic shock and was taken to the hospital in Denver.


Doctors advised Chris to take a week off to rest the leg, before he rejoins Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer" tour.  And of course, if you're part of Brad Paisley's Tour you know the good natured ribbing is coming.


In a more serious moment, Brad also offered an update on Chris Young's condition and just how serious infections can be.  Brad lost a family relative to a staph infection.