Jake Owen brought a whole new meaning to the show must go on.  His planned free "block party" concert in Nashville went on despite having part of one finger amputated from injuries he suffered in the go kart accident back in July.  He even shared a gruesome picture of his finger.  But beware, it's not pretty.



Jake Owen talks about his trip to the doctor and why they amputated part of the ring finger on his guitar hand.

Jake tells WZTV in Nashville he sought medical attention after noticing the finger was bleeding Sunday night. Their recommendation was to remove part of the finger immediately.

He doesn't think he'll play guitar tonight, because his hand is still bandaged up, but he says there was no way he was missing the party tonight. He is doing fine, but in a lot of pain, and says he still plans to play guitar once it heals.

Following the show Jake tweeted his thanks to thousands of fans who came out for the celebration and later an apology to those who couldn't get in because of the massive crowd.



Several of Jake's fellow country singers joined the party. Taste of Country.com has more on the story here.