It's one of those moments frozen in time. I know exactly where I was a year ago today, when President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Who could forget that photo of the President, Vice President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others watching the event unfold in the situation room. President Obama made a gutsy decision to go forward with the raid, code named "Operation Neptune Spear", and Navy Seal Team Six showed ultimate courage and precision that made the mission a success.

Today, security has been stepped up in New York City, just as a precaution. According to ABC News:

"Though officials say there are no known threats centered on New York City -- the metropolis that suffered a majority of the casualties of the 9/11 attacks when the World Trade Center buildings fell in 2001 -- 240 federal, state, city and transportation police have been deployed to major transportation hubs like Grand Central Terminal and Times Square with heavy weapons, radiation detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and other equipment, authorities said.

The officials said the surge will include National Guard forces and Transportation Security Administration agents."