He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Old Man Winter has returned to central New York,  and I've got the shovel to prove it. We knew it couldn't last forever - green grass and rain in the middle of January. But, many of us are glad to see winter acting like winter, especially skiiers, snowmobilers, snow shoers and snowboarders. For complete weather details, check out our weather page.

My father always used to tell me to be prepared for winter, and you can handle it. So, I keep a blanket, shovel and jumper cables in the trunk of my car. I have a snowblower that I start occaisionally, so that when it has to start, it will. I have a few (gotta get more) cans of dry gas in the garage, and I bought a high-quality shovel a few winters ago, so I'm ready. Thanks, Dad, for that heads up on being ready for the weather, all those winters ago.