Kenny Chesney has been sharing the stories behind the songs on his new album "Life On a Rock."  Watch as Kenny nearly chokes up telling the story behind "Lindy."  The song is written about a man who Kenny saw in the islands on a regular basis, but never really knew.  Click to watch the whole story.

Blue Chair Records

Life On A Rock landed in stores today, (4/30/13), and Kenny promises it to be the most personal of the 16 albums he has released.  In the case of the song, Lindy, a quick look at some of the lyrics indicates how true it may be.  Get a chance to win the album on Greg's Grill at 12:15 or purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

**Lindy's seen it all
Storms and hurricanes
Some say he's insane
No one knows his last name
But I believe
He's the salt of the Earth
Just look past his dirty shirt and you will see just what he's worth