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Jimmy Kimmel & Kanye West in Twitter War
Kayne West and Jimmy Kimmel are having a war of words on social media. It started when Kimmel made fun of Kanye, after he called himself 'the #1 rock star on the planet.'  Kimmel had kids repeat Kanye's most famous lines from the BBC interview on his Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Kanye West In Talks to Judge ‘American Idol’? Is Nicki Minaj Out?
While US Weekly seemed to have the exclusive scoop on Nicki Minaj joining the ‘American Idol‘ judging team (or should we say, they thought they had the scoop?) there’s still some talk as to who could possibly fill in for Steven Tyler now that Mariah Carey is definitely on board. Should we have alrea…
Who Topped The Most Unpopular Celebrities List?
So, can you guess who topped the 'most unpopular celebrities list'? Well, it most certainly wasn't Betty White--that's for sure. Betty made the list as America's favorite and most trusted personality. So, who's the number one most unpopular celebrity? If you guessed Par…
Kanye West Apologizes
You may recall Kanye West had dust-ups with Taylor Swift and President George W. Bush.  West won't apologize to Taylor Swift, but he did say he was sorry to referring to the former President,   as a racist.