Have you heard Kanye West is 53 million in debt? He even asked Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out, who bailed on that request.

Now a Go Fund Me campaign has been set up to help him get out of debt.

Kanye I'm really sad for you. I'mma gonna let you get out of debt but I have one of the best pieces of advice yet. Stop blaming everyone else for your short comings and failures and look in the mirror.

For Kanye to ask other people to bail him out, whether he's in debt or not is ridiculous. Rather than turning to the hard working people who barely make enough to pay rent for the roof over their heads, utilities to keep themselves warm and groceries to keep their families fed, maybe you should sell some of those cars, fur coats, gold chains and homes you own. Bet that mansion will bring your debt down by a few million.

You're so self involved you have no idea how the other half lives. We don't get upset over losing a diamond earing in the ocean or whether or not our driver shows up on time. We're just happy to have a car to drive and hope we have enough money to fill the tank.

If you're in debt it's your mistakes that landed you there and you should find your own way to dig out of the giant hole you've created for yourself instead of turning to others to fund your musical whims and fashion faux pas.

End of rant!

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