At this time of year, I feel like the "Cookie Monster". Those Christmas cookies are everywhere, and if I ate all the cookies that arrive at the radio station every day, I wouldn't be able to fit through the Big Frog 104 studio door!

We all have our favorite Christmas cookies, whether homemade or from your favorite bakery. In the "Splashin'" McShea household, baking homemade cookies is a favorite holiday event. My wife and kids gather around the kitchen table, cookie cutters in hand, and cut out stars, reindeers, snowmen and little likenesses of each one of us.

Then, after baking rack after rack after rack, it's the frosting stage. All of this requires patience, a steady hand and an artistic flair with the icing. That's why my job during cookie baking day is sweeping up the sprinkles that fall on the kitchen floor. It's nice to be a part of the event, one way or another!