christmas cookies

Make Your Own Christmas Sugar Cookies [VIDEO]
It's an all-day event in the Greg McShea household, when the family bakes up batch after batch of Christmas sugar cookies for Christmas. We make all sorts of shapes and sizes, from Christmas trees to Frosty The Snowmans. I have a very important job during the cookie making event...guarding the …
Tis the Season For Christmas Cooking
It's a tradition in our house to make a bunch of Christmas cookies.  Everything from iced sugar cookies, including Santa Claus with black boots, a request from husband, to Oreo chocolate truffles.
It’s Christmas Cookie Time
At this time of year, I feel like the "Cookie Monster". Those Christmas cookies are everywhere, and if I ate all the cookies that arrive at the radio station every day, I wouldn't be able to fit through the Big Frog 104 studio door!