This morning's light snowfall shouldn't be a challenge to any true Central New Yorker, but what a pain!  It's probably says more about my preparation than actual weather conditions, but I have fought 18 inches of snow with less hassle.

When I woke up it wasn't any real surprise to see a couple of inches of the white stuff on the deck railings.  No big deal, it's Friday.  A quick shower, pack up the laptop and make the usuall Friday, Dunkin Donuts stop and the next thing you know it'll be the weekend. 

 It all changed when I got to the van, I hadn't planned or dressed for clearing snow.  It'll blow off right?  I even made sure not to pull out in front of anyone to avoid the whiteout that occurs as the snow blows off.

As it turned out, the snow was the heavy, wet kind that doesn't blow off, except from the hood to the windshield.  After a couple of miles of streak-viewed driving, as it clumped and turned to ice on the wipers and stuck to the mirrors, things finally began to clear up. Thats when the light suddenly turned red, I quickly hit the brakes, (cat-like reflexes).  Now all the snow on the roof slid down and onto the windshield an dit started all over.  So yea, that was me on the side of Route 5 this morning looking similar to someone recently released from the institution.

I answer yes, 2 inches of snow is worse than 6 inches.  Had there been a bigger snowfall, I would have properly prepared for excavating myself from the driveway.  So from now on, give me 6 inches of snow or none.  Or better yet, just give me the Frog Days of Summer and WIld West Frogfest & Rodeo 25.