Which City in New York Is The Snowiest
With the touch of the white stuff we had this week, we can't help but think about the impending winter season.  One are city even posted their winter parking ban rules.
With that in mind, which city here in New York State would you guess receives the most average yearly snowfall..…
When Was The Last Snow Day in Central New York?
The first snowfall, for most, is upon us and there is only one thing left on the minds of little ones. When will that first snow day finally arrive? Even though the forecast indicates it may not happen for quite some time this is Central New York, and you never know what may happen. One thing we do …
Snow In Oneida County? It Just Might Happen
The dreaded 'S' word has entered the forecast. After being in the 80's just a few days ago, some places in central and upstate New York could see snow before the weekend is over.

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