Lake Effect Snow Warning Tonight 12/18
Is it possible to go from no snow, to 20 inches in 24 hours? We live in CNY and we know it's not only possible, but not that unusual. The National Weather Service Office in Binghamton has issued a Lake Effect Snow Warning starting at 7 tonight.
Temperatures Near Sixty For Christmas
Despite the early forecast calling for some snow showers this weekend, it looks like Santa may have to get creative getting into Central New York this Christmas.  While we won't be at Sylvan Beach in our swimwear, we probably won't be sledding either.
Five of Top 50 Snowiest U.S. Cities Are in New York
Where is the snowiest place in the United States? Right in our backyard. Niche ranked the 50 Snowiest Cities in the United States with the most snow and five are in New York, which comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in the Empire state.

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