We've all heard the phrase, "Pay It Forward," or as the Good Book says, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Thomas Gonzalez of Taberg called to share a heartwarming story of pay it forward happening right here in our own backyard.  Click for the details.

Thomas said no one ever talks about the "good things that happen around here" and he wanted to share this one so people would know good things to happen in Utica and Rome. Thomas and his wife, Zulma noticed their son's Marine medals and dog tags were just laying on the top of the dresser and wanted to display them in a more appropriate way.  He picks up the story as they are in Hobby Lobby creating their shadow box display.

That's a great story in itself.  But just a few days later, Thomas and his wife get the chance to pay it forward themselves at the Rome WalMart.

Thomas says he had never heard of the term, "pay it forward" until after that fact.  But says he just wanted to point out that good people live in Upstate New York.