Get ready for the childhood flashbacks, this zoo-tastic jingle and plate are making a triumphant return to a grocery store near you.

Hefty just announced that Zoo Pals, the iconic animal-themed plates, are coming back to store shelves. This means parents can relive their childhood memories, and now create new ones with their kids too.

Where Did They Go?

My first thought is... when did they stop making Zoo Pals in the first place? I can't remember a single party I went to growing up where there wasn't a stack of Zoo Pal plates ready to go on the table. If your parents really loved you, they'd even let you eat on them just for fun when there wasn't party.

Yes mom... that's why I was always over at John's house.

Ribbit, Ribbit... Zoo Pals!!!

The next question is one that we all have. Are they bringing back the commercial too?

That had to be the most catchy and fun song to singalong with as a kid. Even though there was this creepy sounding fork in the background... there wasn't a single kid who didn't know the jingle.

If you didn't know it before... you do now! Don't worry, you can thank me later.

Do you remember having Zoo Pals as a kid too? Or am I apparently the only one in my building that had an enjoyable childhood. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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