Is your New York license plate legal? If it has a plate cover it may not be.

If your license plate is partially covered it could be illegal and you may get a ticket. In addition to the numbers and letters being clearly seen, New York, at the top of plate must be visible too according to New York law.

Number plates shall be kept clean and in a condition so as to be easily readable and shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material, and shall not be knowingly covered or coated with any artificial or synthetic material or substance that conceals or obscures such number plates or that distorts a recorded or photographic image of such number plates, and the view of such number plates shall not be obstructed by any part of the vehicle or by anything carried thereon, except for a receiver-transmitter issued by a publicly owned tolling facility in connection with electronic toll collection when such receiver-transmitter is affixed to the exterior of a vehicle in accordance with mounting instructions provided by the tolling facility.

The Empire State at the bottom can be partially covered, as seen in the photo above. But everything else must be clearly visible.


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