If you love shopping and browsing all the crazy gadgets and gizmos, you're going to be sad the next time you visit Destiny USA.

Brookstone stores announced Thursday that they will be closing all 101 of their stores located in shopping malls across the U.S.

CNBC.com says Brookstone officials are citing a "continued deterioration of traditional mall traffic," as the reason for closing down.

"The decision to close our mall stores was difficult, but ultimately provides an opportunity to maintain our well-respected brand and award-winning products while operating with a smaller physical footprint," Brookstone CEO Piau Phang Foo said in a statement.

Brookstone stores in airports, wholesale and online will still remain open while the company tries to find someone to buy the brand.

It's the second time since 2014 that Brookstone has been in financial trouble. Four years ago the company was sold to a Chinese business that kept the stores open until now.


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